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She’s also a spoken word and published poet and a professional Faerie Card reader.

website via besteadwell.com: “Be Steadwell is a pop and soul singer songwriter from Washington DC.

Sassy keeps the guys in line and keeps the shop from burning down.

Whether it is taking appointments, being the peacemaker at the shop, or planning an event at the shop, Sassy keeps things running smoothly.

” Muholi is a major South African photographer whose “work represents the black female body in a frank yet intimate way that challenges the history of the portrayal of black women’s bodies in documentary photography.” Read our many posts on Zanele Muholi here.

Glen wrote her first song at the age of 11 — a title which has since won three gold records and one platinum.

According to Models.com, when Moore walked into the room at a larger event in Orlando scouts had convinced her to attend, “that face, when it walked into the room… Agencies by the dozen clamored to sign her.” Moore has basically been in all the fashion advertisements, walked all the runways for all the designers, appeared in all the fashion magazines and worked with all the photographers.

In 2003, she appeared in twitter // website Dalila Ali Rajah, who you might recognize from the After Ellen and She Wired webseries Cherry Bomb, where she talked about sex with other lesbians on the internet!

Rajah has been performing since she was a kid, attended Spelman College and then an MFA in acting from California Institute of the Arts.

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