Dating j salmon postcards

The inscription on the front is: "Votes for Women While in the act of voting, Mrs Jones remembers that she has left a cake in the oven!

Christopher Davies (in 1882) and the much later but also well known: ‘What to do on the Norfolk Broads’ an annual publication.Hundreds of Postcard images of the Norfolk Broads were published and examples can still be found which date from the turn of the last century.In those days publishers were not as meticulous at trade-marking their products, as they later became, but I can be certain that several of my own collection date from the period 1895 -1905 and Jarrolds had by then developed a recognisable style of their own.This can be very helpful for dating postcard images of natural landscapes.Charles Wilhelms worked as a printer in the lithography shops of Seibert & Brother and Snyder & Black before becoming a partner in Schmolze Bros. In 1882 He formed a partnership with Robert Sackett and Edward Betzig to become Sackett, Wilhelms & Betzig.

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