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I asked Roberta Kaplan, the attorney behind the Mississippi suit as well as and the various layers of scrutiny,” she told me.

“But what this makes clear is that any fair-minded reading of the recent Supreme Court opinions has to conclude that statutes like the Mississippi adoption ban—which fence gay people and their children off from the rest of society—are unconstitutional.” “In a way, I think there’s something refreshing about the clarity of what Judge Jordan had to say,” she said.

Varina Banks Howell was born in 1826 at Natchez, Mississippi, the daughter of William Burr Howell and Margaret Louisa Kempe.

Her father was from a distinguished family in New Jersey: his father Richard Howell served several terms as Governor of New Jersey and died when William was a boy.

Bush appointee, overturned Mississippi’s law barring same-sex couples from fostering or adopting children.

However, the Senate’s version was amended slightly, and the House must concur before it can go to the governor.

[…] Specifically, House Bill 1523 would protect individuals, religious organizations, and certain businesses who take actions due to their religious objections to same-sex marriage.

“Ministers, florists, photographers, people along those lines – this bill would allow them to refuse to provide marriage-related business services without fear of government discrimination.” Part of the reason why the bill has been deemed so particularly heinous is, as Buzz Feed’s Dominic Holden notes, because it combines the worst elements of religious freedom bills with those of first amendment defense acts.

More on HB 1523 from Buzz Feed: [HB 1523] already passed the House 80-39 in February.

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