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I was with my girlfriends, but noticed the tall, tanned, blue-eyed hottie right away. The sexual tension was high, and I could tell he was waiting for the right time or the right amount of liquid courage to make a move.Finally, just before the event was over, he introduced himself and asked if I wanted to grab a drink. We talked about our careers, where we grew up and where we live.The star now aims to be fit and is staying away from any bad habits.The said source who is close to the “Jen has been keeping a low profile and staying away from people who could get her into bad habits.He’s also attractive: tall with a runner’s body and a great smile.He has several smiles, actually, and they’re all cute in different ways.A source told Jen Lawrence has been working hard in Montreal for months now and experienced drama in the Canadian city while securing a condo to reside in for the 3-month duration she is there filming the latest untitled Darren Aronofsky movie.“The owners of a condo on the corner of Simpson and Sherbrooke wanted to rent their place to the actress for 3 months, but the building does not allow rental shorter than a year, so the co-owners of the condo filed an injunction to have her evicted.

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Karen and Gary Lawrence have since advised the actress to give up booze and to cut down on partying, as well as on her consumption of junk food, according to a source.Yet, there has been talk that the star has been dating comedian Aziz Ansari, having low-key dates throughout the summer.Although the comedian certainly did put in the effort by traveling 300 miles from New York City to Jen’s production site in Montreal, Canada, where she’s been residing during the filming of a new project.I like meeting new people, and having a good time.” Tara does a lot of volunteer work during the week, and says “Weekends are my downtime.I like to workout, meet up with friends, or do something special, like rock climb or kayak or go to a cool new restaurant.” Tara says “My dating life is not super-busy, but when I meet someone I click with, who I can talk to, feel comfortable with and who has sex appeal, I go all in.” I met Francis at a charity gala.

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